A few months ago, I crossed the 500 followers mark on insta (which I still am shocked over!). To celebrate, I had the idea to host a little contest with two categories relating to my current work-in-progress novel—prompts and fanart! To see the winning prompt, go check out my account (I promise it’s a very cool prompt that holds a lot of promise hehe). But, since the prompts contest was a bit more lucrative in terms of the prize, I also wanted to give the fanart winners their own time in the spotlight since their work was amazing as well!

The art below was submitted by @bailey_ursel! Everything about this piece is just so effortlessly pretty. The details in Euri’s hair in particular are just *chef’s kiss*. I’m obsessed!

The two pieces below were submitted by @evelyn.marie_17! I love the way she captured each of their personalities and looks so well! She really nailed that effortless swoop in Finn’s hair too, which I love XD

Once again, thank you to everyone who submitted entries! It was so entertaining to see all your ideas and I’m honored by the amount of thought that you all put into your entries! I truly have such a wonderful group of followers, and I’m very thankful for you all:)

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