Hello hello hello! I’m J–writer, college student, English major, and full-time creative! I’ve been writing for several years and have fully enjoyed every minute of it. Over the course of my writing journey, I’ve amassed a solid amount of ideas, tips, and various other pieces of writing-related input, and I figured that it was about time for me to put myself out into the world and share them!

So, if you’re here, thanks for stumbling onto my little corner of the internet! Check out my analysis posts and writer’s musings series if you’re interested in hearing some of my literature work or writing ideas, and be sure to follow my Instagram (@musingsandlore) where I post snippets of my current projects as well as other writing-themed content! It’s my hope that this blog gives you some form of creative inspiration/assistance–or at the very least piques your interest!

Cheers, and happy writing:)